A Weekend at Work: July 29 - August 1, 2011

Another busy weekend of subway system maintenance work wraps up.

Vital maintenance work was carried out along several subway lines over the weekend, workers taking advantage of a relatively quiet time along the rails of the system that never really sleeps.

During the third of three summer Flushing Line shutdowns between Times Square and Queens Plaza, maintenance workers installed new track hardware, replaced old wooden walkways with new fiber walks, installed new third rail, rewired and tested track circuits and conducted scheduled signal maintenance and tests. Additionally, grouting was performed in the area and new conduit installed.

Workers were also laboring throughout the weekend at 77th on the Lexington Avenue line digging out the old roadbed in preparation for the pouring of new concrete and the installation of new track.

Subway service along the White Plains Road Line in the Bronx will be improved by the installation of new track panels in the area of East 219th Street. The work process for installing new track along elevated structure is greatly simplified by the Track Division's practice of pre-building track panels off site and then transporting them to the work area where they can be installed on the elevated structure.

While it is necessary for customers to allow extra travel times for their trips, weekends are the only time when these complicated track, signal and electrical projects can be performed due to the necessity for workers to have access to tracks without having to be concerned about passing train traffic.

Other types of jobs, such as station rehabilitation platform edge replacement also require suspension of train service. Where possible we piggyback projects, so that several jobs can be performed at one time.

Customers should take note of signage in subway cars and platforms, alerting riders to upcoming service changes. This information is also available on the web at mta.info with line-by-line service information and via the MTA's podcast service.