MTA 2011 Highlights: Launch of the Weekender

In 2011, the MTA focused on delivering on some long-promised benefits for our 8.5 million customers. This is the first in a daily series that recaps the best of 2011.

Photo of The Weekender

The MTA launched "The Weekender" in September, a new feature of that has transformed the way riders navigate the subway system on weekends. The new feature, which takes over the front page of each weekend, makes it easy for subway riders to visualize exactly how weekend work will affect subway service.

The centerpiece of "The Weekender" is a subway diagram that displays the service to be provided each weekend, including all service changes. Stations impacted by service diversions are highlighted by blinking icons. Users click to choose one of three ways to view the map:

Service by Line: Click on a subway line symbol to get a line diagram showing an overview of the line's service changes, as well as text summaries of the changes.

Service by Borough: Click on a borough for text-based information about any service changes impacting a borough.

Service by Station: Select a station for details on any service changes impacting that station, or click on the map to zoom to a detailed area.

The diagram used as the base of "The Weekender" is designed to illustrate service diversions at a glance. It is inspired by the 1972 New York City subway map designed by world renowned map maker and designer Massimo Vignelli and was designed by Vignelli, Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse.

Supplementing the base diagram, "The Weekender" provides an electronic venue for the popular Neighborhood Maps that are posted inside subway stations. These maps show the precise locations of subway station entrances within the street grid, along with locations of popular area destinations.

And earlier this month, based on customer comments and suggestions, we introduced new Weekender features -; including a searchable station name box that anticipates your station as you type -; and an additional level of zoom to the subway diagram to give you a wider view of your trip.

We've also made TripPlanner, the only route search program that plans your way around the construction, easier to reach.